aquafaba brownies

Aquafaba Brownies

Every time I opened a can of chickpeas, I wondered: couldn’t we do something with the brine? But time and time again it went down the drain.

Then, a few months ago, I came to know it actually had a name – aquafaba – and a passionate community of people using it in sweet and savoury dishes. Its appeal comes from the fact that it contains a very specific cocktail of carbohydrates and proteins giving it similar properties to egg whites. Yes, you can actually stop using eggs if you only rely on them for emulsifying (mayonnaise), binding (cakes and cookies) or structuring (meringues, mousses).

For those who think there can’t be any more innovation in cooking, behold – the properties of aquafaba were only discovered in 2014, by the French Joël Roessel, who was experimenting with making foam using vegetable ingredients! His findings were published on his blog back then.

If you’re doubting the special powers of aquafaba, this is how it becomes after a few minutes of whisking:

whisked aquafaba
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