About Critical Eating

Hello there! I’m João Caseiro and I run Critical Eating!

I’ve always loved to eat, but as I grew and became more aware of our world and its problems I decided to make some changes in my diet.

I’ve stopped eating meat, and I’ve reduced my use of eggs and dairy. Why?


Animal farming has a tremendous environmental impact. To produce a kilogram of beef, farmers spend 10 times more water than for the same weight of soy.

Bovines naturally release methane to the atmosphere, a powerful greenhouse gas that contributes 30 times more than carbon dioxide for global warming.

Animal excrements accumulate in many factory farms, infiltrating the soil and polluting groundwater.

And, as animals need to eat before they grow large enough to be eaten, we are witnessing an unsustainable wave of deforestation to make room for animal feed plantations.


Think about what those animals feel, as they are on their way to the slaughterhouse? Do we really have a right to kill them?

There are reports of numerous atrocities commited against animals, barbaric methods of fattening, forcing reproduction, egg-laying. Many are kept in confined spaces all their lives, deprived of sunlight and nature, fed an enormous amount of antibiotics, performance-enhancing drugs and genetically-modified rations.

By putting profits above everything else, many factory farms kill animals without at least giving them an humane, painless death. And let’s not talk about how the animals used for entertainment, clothing and experimenting are treated…


Eating meat poses serious health risks. Red meats definitely cause cancer in humans. Heavily-processed meat products as well.

The antibiotics used to treat animals are one of the culprits of the dawn of drug-resistant bacteria. We ingest residual amounts of them, that may accumulate in our bodies and reduce the effectiveness of medical treatments.

Animal fats clog our arteries and lead to heart disease – a leading cause of death in many developed countries.

I love cooking, mainly from scratch. I’m inspired by many cultures, but I also improvise a lot – look at what I have in the fridge and pantry, and design a meal out of it. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Cooking is more of an art than an exact science.

A vegetarian diet requires intelligence and planning (a vegan one even more), and I really hope this blog can help you along in your adventure.

Besides recipes, here you’ll find helpful articles about a meat-free lifestyle. I’ll hopefully aid in deconstructing some myths that abound in this age of misinformation.

This world needs change, and our diets, what we spend our money on, can be a vote towards that change or against it.

Let’s make a difference together!

P.S.: You’ll hear a lot of “us” and “we” on this blog. That’s because one of my goals is to gather a community of passionate foodies, that can contribute occasionally with their own recipes and ideas. More than a blog, I want Critical Eating to become a project where everyone is welcome! If you want to collaborate reach me on Instagram, Facebook or email me!